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Lime Pickle (Per Pot) £0.50
Lime with herbs and spice in oil.
Green Salad £0.95
Leautues, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots
Pickle Tray £3.50
5 Poppadum's, mango chutney, chef special tamarind sauce, lime pickle and mixed onion.
Mango Chutney £0.50
Mango Chutney
Spicy Onion £0.95
Onions with mints and spice
Poppadum £0.60
Mint sauce £0.60
Yoghurt, mint
Chips £2.50
portion of Potato Chips
Vegetable Spring Roll (G) £2.95
mixed vegetables with pastry served with salad and mint sauce(G)
Potato Tikka £2.95
Mashed potatoes spiced with chaat masala
Chana Puri (D) £3.95
Chickpeas cooked in a spicy medium sauce served on a puffed wheat bread.
Garlic Mushroom (D G N) £3.25
Mushrooms cooked with fresh garlic, spice and coriander and served with salad. (V)
Baby Aubergine Pakora (G) £2.95
light seasoned baby aubergine battered and deep fried with spicy gram flour (V)
Vegetable Samosa (D G) £3.25
filo pastry parcels stuffed with baby potato, cauliflower green peas (D)
Onion Bhaji £3.25
chopped onions with red lentil, fresh coriander, spices with gram flour fried. (V)
Vegetable Pakora £3.25
mixed vegetables with spice and gram flour deep fried. (V)
Chicken Spring Roll (G) £2.95
Chicken mince with pastry served with salad and mint sauce(G)
Chicken Tikka(S) (D) £3.95
Cubes of chicken marinated grilled and glazed in the tandoor(D)
Chicken Samosa (G) £3.25
spiced mince with filo pastry parcel stuffed deep fried.(G)
Meat Samosa (G) £3.25
spiced mince with filo pastry parcel stuffed deep fried.(G)
Sheekh Kebab(S) (D) £3.95
lamb minced with, ginger, garlic, spices chillies and fresh coriander chargrilled on iron skewers
Mix Kebab(S) (D) £4.95
chicken, lamb and sheek kebab (D)
Chicken Pakora (D G N) £3.50
Chicken supreme spice with gram flour deep fried.
Lamb Tikka(S) (D) £4.50
Cubes of spring lamb marinated grilled and glazed in the tandoor(D)
King Prawn Puri (D G) £6.25
King prawns tossed with fine herbs and spice served on a puffed white bread. (D)
Prawn Puri (D G) £4.95
Tiger prawns tossed with fine herbs and spice served on a puffed white bread. (D)
Fish Pakora (G) £3.95
Cod fish coated in spiced gram flour deed fried served with salad & mint sauce. (D)
Sabzi Almond Korma (D N) £7.50
Seasonal mixed vegetables delicately cooked with fresh cream, coconut, ground almond and mild spices - mild and creamy
Mix Vegetable £7.50
Mixed vegetables cooked withspices fresh coriander, garnished with spring onion served hot
Sabzi Tikka Masala (D N) £7.50
Vegetables in a tikka masala sauce of fresh yoghurt, ground almond, aromatic tandoori spice paste, fresh cream, and lemon juice
Sabzi Karahi £7.50
Assorted mix vegetables stir fried with sun dried tomato puree, root ginger, garlic Kashmiri spice paste and sliced red pepper- medium hot
Aubergine Mushroom Jalfrezi £7.50
Chopped aubergine and button mushroom stir fried with green pepper, onion, green chillies, and fresh coriander in a hot and bold spicy sauce
Sag Mutter £7.50
Spinach and chickpeas stir fried with garlic, green chillies, and fresh coriander
Bombay Chana Masala £7.50
Chickpeas cooked with potatoes in a sweet and sour sauce, garnished with fresh chillies and coriander
Paneer karahi (D) £7.50
Homemade cottage cheese cooked karahi paper sauce spices and topped with pan fried garlic and royal cumin a medium hot dish
Bhindi masala £7.50
Fresh okra cooked with lentils, garlic, ginger, fresh coriander- medium hot
Tandoor Aubergine Dopiaza £7.50
Chopped Cube aubergine, cooked with fresh herbs and spices with chopped onion, tomatoes, peppers and coriander create a unique tasty dish
Palak Paneer (D) £7.50
fresh spinach with cottage cheese cooked spices and topped with pan fried garlic and royal cumin a medium hot dish
Chicken Jeera £7.95
Chicken tikka cooked with cumin seed, fresh masala, ginger and garlic served with fresh coriander
Chicken Pista Pasanda (D N) £7.95
tandoor grilled chicken fillets with ground almond, pistachio, nutmeg, saffron and rosewater in a mild and silky creamy sauce.
Brick Lane Kasani Chicken (D) £7.95
barbeque chicken fillet cooked with ground black pepper, brown mustard, green herbs spice pastes of coriander green chillies capsicum and fresh mint-medium hot.
Green Bengal Chicken (D) £7.95
tender pieces of chicken grilled in tandoor, cooked with green pepper fresh mint fresh coriander green chilli and mixed spices in an incredibly special masala sauce hot and spicy
Green Herbs Chicken (D) £7.95
lightly seasoned chicken stewed in a peeled tomato, green pepper, spring onion, and fresh coriander sauce medium hot
Kata Masala Chicken (D) £7.95
steamed chicken supreme cooked with sun dried tomato puree, sliced red pepper and a freshly blended Kashmir spice paste - medium hot
Royal Chicken Korma (D N) £7.95
chicken tikka cooked with, coconut, green cardamom, ground almond, pistachio mace, nutmeg, and fresh mint- very mild and fruity taste(D N)
Chicken Palak £7.95
chicken cooked with spinach
Chicken Chasni (D) £7.95
tender pieces of chicken kebab in a sweet sauce with a touch of garlic, fresh herbs and spices, hot dish
Chicken Rezala (D) £7.95
a highly spice dish cooked with onions, green peppers, and fresh herbs
Jaipuri Chicken (D) £7.95
Tandoori Chicken Tikka cooked with fried mushroom, onions & capsicums in a Jaipuri special sauce
North Indian Chili Garlic Chicken (D) £7.95
Barbeque chicken cooked with fresh green chilli, fresh garlic garnished with fresh coriander, extremely hot and spicy dish.
Chicken Jalfrezi (D) £7.95
Tandoor glazed chicken kebabs with bold spice, green pepper cubed onion, chillies, and fresh coriander. spicy and hot
Butter Chicken (D N) £7.95
barbequed diced chicken cooked in butter cream and coconut with authentic mild sauce
Chicken Tikka Masala (D N) £7.95
chicken tikka cooked with masala yoghurt sauce fresh coriander and lemon juice medium hot
Lamb Lazeez £8.95
tender pieces of lamb cooked with shallots fresh ginger and coriander medium or hot
Sultan Lamb £8.95
Cooked lamb pieces
Karahi Lamb £8.95
Juicy steamed lamb with bell pepper, baby onion and chopped tomato in a fresh coriander masala sauce-medium hot
Lamb Vindaloo £8.95
a fiery hot steamed of lamb in freshly blended vindaloo sauce very- hot taste
Green Herb Lamb £8.95
Steamed lamb in a fresh tomato, spring onion, green pepper, and coriander sauce- medium hot
Lamb Makhani (D N) £8.95
Steamed lamb cooked with ground nuts, exotic spices, fresh cream, sweet mango chutney and lime juice - sweet and sour
Lamb Palak £8.95
steamed lamb cooked with baby spinach, green herbs, and spices, garnished with pan fried garlic and cumin seeds-medium hot
Punjabi Chana Ghost £8.95
Steamed lamb with braised chickpeas in a sharp, ground spicy sauce, garnished with chopped tomato, lemon rind and fresh coriander
Lamb Kata Masala £8.95
tender lamb cooked with sliced shallots, root ginger, green cardamom cloves, cinnamon, bay leaf, coriander, and cumin in a rich medium hot sauce
Lamb Chilli Garlic £8.85
Steamed lamb in sun dried tomato puree, chopped garlic, dry red chilli and a fresh coriander flavoured sauce- hot and very spicy
Methi Lamb £8.95
steamed lamb stewed with dry fenugreek, spice,garlic and ginger paste with richly flavoured medium hot gravy
Lamb Jalfrezi £8.95
Steamed lamb cooked with green chillies, onions, and a mixed pepper chefs’ special sauce
Keema Muttar £8.95
Minced lamb cooked with green peas and chefs’ special medium sauce
Lamb Tikka Masala (D N) £8.95
Lamb tikka tandoori spices, lime juice, ground almonds and fresh cream a medium hot dish
Curry Leaf Mixed Special £9.95
chicken, lamb and prawn cooked with garlic, herbs and spices
Chilli Garlic King Prawn £13.95
Jumbo king prawn with chopped garlic, yellow bell pepper, tomato, and bullet chilli, tossed with sun dried tomato puree and fresh coriander, garnished with root ginger and spring onion - hot and spicy
Goan Fish Curry (D) £10.95
Scottish cod fillet with Indian simmered in a coconut milk, tamarind and goan spicy sauce, tempered with mustard seed and fresh curry
King Prawn Jalfrezi £13.95
Steamed king prawn cooked with green chilli, green pepper, cubed onion, and fresh coriander (spicy and hot)
Scottish Salmon Jalfrezi £10.50
cubes of Scottish salmon stir fried with red and green pepper,
Green herbs King Prawn Masala £13.95
Lightly seasoned king prawns in a peeled tomato, spring onion, green pepper and fresh coriander sauce-medium hot (D)
Garlic Chilli Prawns £10.95
prawns cooked in hot green chillies and fresh garlic sauce and garnished with fresh coriander
King Prawn Tikka Masala (D N) £14.95
Jumbo king prawns cooked with tikka masala sauce with fresh cream.
King Prawn Palak £13.95
King Prawn cooked with spices, fresh spinach.
King Prawn okra £13.95
King prawn with okra medium hot
Chicken Biryani (D) £9.50
saffron braised chicken supreme hung yoghurt, aromatic Bengal spice and rose water
Lamb Biryani (D) £10.95
Pilau rice cooked together with special lamb and fresh herbs in butter ghee.
Curry Leaf Special Biryani (D) £11.95
chicken, lamb, prawns, and chefs’ special spices.
Chicken Tikka Biryani (D) £9.50
Chicken tikka cooked with saffron basmati rice (DN)
Vegetables Biryani (D) £8.50
market green fresh vegetables, exotic spice.
King Prawn Biryani (D) £13.95
jumbo king prawns with coastal spice tilda basmati rice
Prawn Biryani (D) £9.95
Prawn cooked with saffron basmati rice
Bhuna From £7.50
Cooked with ginger, garlic, tomatoes & medium hot spices. Served with classic range of herbs, spices & curry sauces.
Dopiaza From £7.50
Cooked with chopped onions, green peppers, tomatoes and medium hot spices. Served with classic range of herbs, spices & curry sauces.
Rogan Josh From £7.50
Cooked with Spanish paprika, ginger, garlic paste & chopped coriander garnished with pan fried spicy tomatoes. Served with classic range of herbs, spices & curry sauces.
Balti From £7.50
A dish rock worked with variety spice in a robust sauce Served with fresh coriander & spring onion.
Dansak From £7.50
cooked with mixed lentils, pineapple served with classic range of herbs, spices & curry sauces.
Madras From £7.50
cooked with ginger, garlic, lemon juice, chillies & fresh coriander in a hot madras spicy sauce. Served with classic range of herb spices & curry sauces.
Malayan (D N) From £7.50
A mild dish prepared with crushed pineapple, fruit juices, ground almond and coconut milk. Served with classic range of herbs, spices & curry sauces
Pathia From £7.50
with tamarind, root ginger, garlic, red chillies tomato puree & south Indian spice, sweet & sour taste. Served with classic range of herbs, spices & curry sauces.
Vindaloo From £7.50
very Hot curries
Lamb Tikka(M) (D) £9.95
Spring lamb barbecued together with capsicums, onions and tomatoes then recooked in a medium sauce
Chicken Shashlik(M) (D) £9.95
Chicken marinated in fresh herbs and spices, then grilled and glazed in the tandoor, served with green salad and yoghurt sauce.
Tandoori Chicken(M) (D) £9.95
Half spring chicken in a marinated with fine herbs and Kashmir spicy skewer, roasted in the tandoor, served with green salad and yoghurt sauce.
Chicken Tikka(M) (D) £9.95
chicken barbecued together with capsicums, onions and tomatoes then recooked in a medium sauce(D)
Lamb Kebab Shashlik(M) (D) £9.95
Spring leg of lamb marinated with bio yoghurt and ground garam masala, char grilled in the tandoor, served with side salad and mint raita.
King Prawn Shashlik(M) (D) £14.95
Jumbo king prawns marinated with dried herbs and exotic spice, barbecued in the tandoori oven, served with mixed salad and sauce.
Tandoori Mixed Grill(M) (D) £13.95
mix of four chicken kebabs, four lamb tikka one-piece tandoori chicken and two pieces seekhkebabs, served with a mixed salad and sauce. (D)
Aubergine Bhaji £4.50
Aubergine with spices
Aloo Gobi £4.50
potato spiced with cauliflower
Mutter Paneer (D) £4.50
green peas with cottage cheese
Tarka Daal £4.50
mixed lentils with pan fried garlic and cumin seeds
Mixed Vegetable Bhaji £4.50
mixed vegetables cooked with herbs and spices
Saag Bhaji £4.50
spinach cooked with fried garlic and fresh coriander
Chana Bhaji £4.50
chickpeas cooked with spice and fresh coriander
Cucumber Raita (D) £3.95
fresh yoghurt with cucumber, onion, tomatoes, mint, and roasted cumin
Mushroom Bhaji £4.50
Spiced chopped mushroom
Bhindi Bhaji £4.50
Stir fried spiced okra
Bombay Aloo £4.50
Spiced potato
Saag Aloo £4.50
fresh spinach with potato